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BRONZE   (Up to $499)

Jose Acevedlo

ALA Antietam Unit 236, Sharpsburg

Barbara Aleshire

Alpha Sigma Chapter of ESA

American Legion 82, Harry White Wilmer

American Legion 211, Last Man Club Vietnam Era Veterans

Amvets Post 10

Amvets Post 10 - Gina, Jan and barstool patrons

Amvets Post 14, John Hutzell Memorial
Antietam Bassmasters

Antietam Broadband (Casual Day)

Antietam Post 236, Sharpsburg

Don and Brenda Ardinger

Atlantic Security Systems

Harry Baker

David Banzhoff, Sr.

Raymond and Cynthia Barger, Jr.

Robert and Connie Barkdoll

Roger and Sharon Barnes

Gennifer Barnhart

Barnhart Reunion (Descendants of Roy and Mabel Barnhart) 

Wayne and Joann Barron

Loralee Bartley

Charles and Phyllis Batt, Jr.

Don Beachley

Michell Berkey / Patricia Martin

Betsy Enterprises Inc. - Western Sizzlin

Scott and Kristin Bezanson

Philip "Ski" Bielarski

Ernest and Teresa Bishop

Sandra Bolt

Lois Bond (Memory of Captain Albert Lee Kaiss)

Bonebrake Alignment & Tire

W. Kennedy Boone, III

Alma Bowers

Olen "Bubba" Brake, Jr.

Ernst Brant

Barbara Breichner (Honor of Kenneth Deavers)

William and Georgiann Breichner

Dian Breichner Brewer (Honor of Kenneth Deavers)

Hugh and Alice Brezlin

Bonnie Brown

Robert Brown and Martha Kerr

Edwin and Gloria Burke

Clayton Burkholder

Gary Burleigh

Tim Butts

Peter Callas

Anna Camp

Cascade American Legion Post 239

Cedar Lawn Memorial Association

CM (Buzz) and Bonnie Charles

Jean Chojnacki

Sharon and Earl Clevenger (Honor of  Jimmy Walker)  (Honor of James W.T. Hose) 

Jeff Cline

Rose Cline

Lt. Col USAF, Retired Gerald and Lieba Cohen

County Commissioners of Washington County (casual day) 

Sarah Craley

Stephen Crist

Robert Custer

Cathy Dennison

Ronald and Barbara Detrow

Elizabeth DeVore

Theresa Deweerd

Digital Hearing Systems (Kathy Keener Lamb) (NHHS '68)

Disabled American Veterans Ralph S. Tagg Chapter 14

Dixon Troxell Unit 211 (Funkstown American Legion Auxiliary)

John "Mike" and Vivian Doarnberger

Dennis and Carolyn Donegan

Ronald and Theresa Doub

Peggy Dudley (MO Retired Naval Captain Albert Lee Kaiss)

Arthur and Sandra Duffey, Jr.

Evelyn Eichelberger

Jerry Eisminger

Christine Ellis

Janet and Robert Ernst (MO Retired Naval Captain Albert Lee Kaiss)

Ellen Fahey (Honor of Douglas Tracy)

Sean and Cynthia Flaherty

Karen Flohr

Clarence and Patsy Flook

Robert and Janella Flook

JoAnn and Andy Forsyth

Eugene and Mary Froehlich, Jr. (Honor of Stan Souffer)

A.B. Fulton (High View Acres)

Donald Gall

Paul "Wes" Garrison

Paul Garvin

Susan Gemeny

R.E. and Noreen Getts

Vicky Gibney

Maynard Gigeous

Thomas and Helen Gilliam

Chuck and Debbie Gist

John Gladwin

Kurt Glass

Utha Glenn (Honor of Edward Glenn)

Richard "Rick" Good

Sheryl Goree

Thomas Farrell

FOP, Thomas Pangborn Lodge 88

Ralph and Shirley Funk

Pamela Goodwin

Lynda Graves (NHHS '68) 

Misti Grimmer

Kim Ground (NHHS '68)

Thomas and Dawn Grove (Honor of George "Ted" Grogan)

Thomas and Suzaane Grove (Honor of George "Ted" Grogan) (Happy Father's Day)

Hagerstown Housing Authority (Blue Jean Day)

Carol Hammond

Kenneth and Kittylee Harbaugh

Sharon Harshman

James and Judith Hatcher

Harvey and Sharon Hawkins

Matthew Hawkins

Philip Haynes (Honor of Douglas Tracy)

Heller's Gas Md., Inc.

Susan and Ralph Henderson

Joyce Hetzer (Honor of Donald Hetzer)

Hidden Valley Hunt Club

June Himes

Ron Hines (PVA) 

Ronnie Hines (Hagerstown) 

Lawrence Hoeck

Patsy Holder (Honor of Marvin Holder) 

Bobby and Donna Hornbecker

Rodney and Jane Horst

Barbara Hose (Honor of Sgt. Larry Hose and all Vietnam Veterans, U.S. Army 1967-1970)

Jack and Nancy Hose

Steven and Susan Huber

Terry and Carolyn Hutson

Colby Hutzell

Richard Inclima


     Kenneth Deavers (by Barbara Breichner)

     Kenneth Deavers (by Dian Breichner Brewer)

     Edward Glenn (by Utha Glenn)

     George "Ted" Grogan (by Thomas and Dawn Grove)

     Donald Hetzer (by Joyce Hetzer)

     Marvin Holder (by Patsy Holder)

     James W. T. Hose (by Sharon and Earl Clevenger)

     Sgt. Larry Hose and all Vietnam Veterans, U.S. Army 1967-1970 (Barbara Hose)

     Retired Naval Captain Albert Lee Kaiss (by Lois Bond)

     Retired Naval Captain Albert Lee Kaiss (by Peggy Dudley)

     Retired Naval Captain Albert Lee Kaiss (by Janet and Robert Ernst)

     Retired Naval Captain Albert Lee Kaiss (by Avis Serafini)

     Orville Knight (by JoAnn Williams)

     Betty Martin (by Debbie and Jim Kline) (RIP, Mom)

     Billy McGowan (by Edna McGowan)

     Robert Clyde McCusker (by Aura McCusker

     Rodney Price (by Gregory Price)

     Stan Stouffer (by Eugene and Mary Froehlich, Jr.)

     Douglas Tracy (by Ellen Fahey)

     Douglas Tracy (by Philip Haynes)

     Douglas Tracy (by Penelope Marks)

     Douglas Tracy (by Raymond and Dorinda Roof)

     Douglas Tracy (by William Shank)

     Douglas Tracy (by Jo Paulette Butts Staley)

     Douglas Tracy (by Edward and Jacqueline Strawther)

     Douglas Tracy (by Raymond and Wanda Winner)

     Douglas Tracy (by Johanna Zimmerly)

     Jimmy Walker (by Sharon and Earl Clevenger)

     Philip Craig Wilson (by Connie Wilson)

Jerry Iseminger

John Jackson

Connie Jamison

Fred Johnston

David Jordan

JVC Color Guard

Albert Kaiss

Carla and Robert Kann

Paul and Elaine Keener

Edward Keller

Martha Kerr and Robert Brown

Mike and Cindy Kiefer

Debbie and Jim Kline (In Memory of Betty Martin) (RIP, Mom)

Knob Hall Winery

Tom Knode

William Knode

Sandra Krieger

KWVA Chapter 312

Michael and Rochelle Langenstein (and Ramo)

Chong Laspino

Susan Latimer

Nancy and Kenneth Leasure

Nelson Lehardy

Kevin and Cynthia Lewis

Tim Lewis

Christy Lidie

Father George Limmer

Vincent and Cynthia Lindsey

Ken and Marjorie Long

Mike Love

Austin Lucas, Jr.

Karen Luther

Dan Mackley

Made in the 80's Band

Charles and Barbara Mades

Joel Marcotte

Penelope Marks (Honor of Douglas Tracy)

Patricia Martin / Michell Berkey

Maugansville Ruritan Club

Ronald May and Yvonne Smith

Bonnie and Steven McAbee

Steven and Mary Ellen McAbee

Vera McAllister

Michael and Diane McCormack

Aura McCusker (Honor of Robert Clyde McCusker) 

Robert McClure

Thomas McCubbin

Janice and David (Randy) McElwee

Edna McGowan (Honor of Billy McGowan)

Charles and Kathy Meehan

Phillip Metz

Jeff Metzner (NHHS '68)

Mary Meyer

Leslie Michael

Middaugh Family Trust

Military Order of the Purple Heart, Department of Maryland (Smithsburg)

Albert and Debra Miller

Carol Miller

George "Jungle" Miller

Robert and Pamela Miller

Dina Milligan

William and Roberta Mills

Milton and Barbara Moats

Randy Moats

Rick and Cheryl Mogensen (NHHS '68)

Sphia Montgomery

Thomas and Tara Mooningham (USN Ret, USS Repose)

Moose Riders (Ed Churchey and company)

Frank Morgan

Alan Moser

Aldine Moser, Jr.

John and Judith Mowen

Rebecca Muritz

Thomas Murphy, Jr.

Jina Myers

Gary Naugle

Kathryn Nave

Roberta Nave

James Neikirk

Edwin Nigh, Sr.

Doris and James Nipps

Tom Knode

North Hagerstown High School Class of '68 (50th Reunion)

Rhonda and Paul Nowacek

Judith and Fred ONeal

Osborne Funeral Home

Elaine Palmer

Stephen and Celia Palmer

Pangborn Assembly 0387, Knights of Columbus 4th Degree

C. Stephen Papa

Charles Papa

Laura Parks

Walter Page Payne

Harry Parks and Kelly Russo

Gail Patterson and Dave Monn

Howard ("Pat") Patterson

Dave Pearrell

Frank and Joyce Pereira

Ed and Eunice Plank

Willis and Carolle Plotner

JoAnn Plum

Roger and Judy Plume

Samuel and Patricia Powell

Gregory Price (Memory of Rodney Price)

Gregory and Constance Price

Terry and Ruth Price

Anthony and Linda Pruchniewski

Mary Pryor

Katherine Ramacciotti

Glenn Rea, Jr.

Red Feather Council #59 Degree of Pocahontas

Register of Wills Office and Jason Malott

Richard and Kathy Repp

Albert and Ruth Resh

Rick Reynolds

Brant Ridenour

Tom Riford

Dave and Debbie Robertson

Edward and Groveine Robinson

Raymond and Dorinda Roof (Honor of Douglas Tracy)

David Rubeck

Lori Ruda

Bob Sandberg

Gerald and Lisa Saum

Keith Schell

Pamela Schnebly

Joseph Scovitch

Kara Scovitch

Linda and Robert Scovitch

C.R. Semler Contractor

Avis Serafini (MO Retired Naval Captain Albert Lee Kaiss)

Gary and Linda Shank

William Shank (Honor of Douglas Tracy) 

Michael and Linda Shelbert

John and Brenda Shirk

Darryl and Linda Shirley

Stephen Showe

Lt. Col. USAF Gerald and Sandra Shupp

Stephen Skipp

Juanita Smith

Matthew Smith

Cecil Snyder

South High Class of 1961

Karen Spessard

Jodi Spickler

Springfield Middle School Student Council

Teresa Spruill

Bob Squib

Donald Stahi

Jo Paulette Butts Staley (Honor of Douglas Tracy) 

Glenn and Lewanna Stanley, Jr.

Steffey and Findlay

Lou Stevens

John Stonebraker, III

Roger Stottlemyer

Bobby Stouffer, Rusty Baker, and Scotty Smith

Robert Stouffer, Jr.

Stanley and Karen Stouffer

Edward and Jacqueline Strawther (Honor of Douglas Tracy)

Carl and Joyce Stuff

Jim Stuller

Kevin and Gladys Sullivan

Lloyd Summers

Lou Surret

David and Libby Swain

J.D. and Sherry Taylor

Ronald "Wayne" Taylor

Kyle Terlesky-Hwang

Tim Tewalt (NHHS '68) 

Loretta Thornhill

Donna and Stan Tissue

Sabrina Toothman

Leon and Beth Towns

Clarence and Anna Trent

Herbert and Susan Trent

Mary J. Troncatti

Barry Tucker/David Bennett

David and Jean Unger

United Auto Aerospace & Agricultural Local 1296

VFW Shuffleboard Team

V.N.V. W.VA. Chapter

Brian and Cassie Wagaman

Patti Wagner

Daniel and Catherine Wallace

Harry Wagaman

Dennis and Arlene Walters

Charles and Barbara Ware

Washington County Club Association

Pete Waters

Gregory and Catherine Weaver

Donna Webster

David and Carolyn Weiss (NHHS '68)

Western Sizzlin - Bety Enterprises, Inc.

Ernest Wetterer

William and Charlene Wilder

JoAnn Williams (In Memory of  Orville Knight)

John and Lynda Williams

Williamsport Mayor and Council (Cruise-Ins 2017)

Connie Wilson (Honor of Philip Craig Wilson) 

Russell and Hilda Wingerd

Raymond and Wanda Winner (Honor of Douglas Tracy)

David and Shanon Wolf

Kenneth Wolters

Woodsetter/Rick and Lynn Bibbee

Doug and Kathy Wright

Stephen and Anne Wright

Darlene Wyndham

Ed Yeager

Malcolm and Cheryl Yeagy

Glenn and Jan Young, Jr.

William and Elizabeth Younkins

Johanna Zimmerly (Honor of Douglas Tracy)

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