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For a lot of years, people have talked about the need for a monument honoring those men and women who served in Vietnam; it remained that for a lot of years - talk.

Then in 2016, at a Joint Veterans Council meeting, three men decided to take it to the next level.  A committee was formed and Jim Kline volunteered to be the chairman with Les Bishop and Rusty Baker rounding out the balance of the Vietnam War Veterans Monument Committee.

Contact was made with City Engineer Rodney Tissue about possible site locations in Hagerstown for the monument, and various locations were viewed.

Simultaneously, meetings were held with Greencastle Bronze and Granite about a monument design and cost.

The Committee went before the Mayor and Council in May 2016 and presented our ideas for this project.

Research was done to ensure that we had the necessary tax and solicitation numbers to enable us to solicit funds for the monument.

We talked to a couple of general contractors (a necessity for the project) and made the decision to go with Milton Stamper Builder.  The City contacted Triad Engineering who performed backhoe test pits at the site location and a report was made as to what would need to be done to the site for foundations to support the monuments.

We are now at the most difficult stage of making our plans become a reality - fundraising.  We began late last year and in earnest in January 2017 to raise the necessary funds for this project.  One of the issues we had was how to inform the public of our project and get them interested enough to make a donation.  (Who knew this would be a continuing issue?) 


The Herald Mail has run several stories on the planned monument.  A solicitation letter was written, and a flyer was designed.  We have set up a booth at various events to get information on our project out to more people and to raise money.  Antietam Broadband produced a commercial for us and has agreed to run it for ninety days.  We have started a Facebook page.  And if you are reading this, you know that we just got our website up and running in October 2017.

In addition to asking for your donation, we are asking that you "share" our Facebook site as well as let others know about this website.

If you have made a donation already, thank you.  If you are still thinking about making a contribution, do it today!  We need your help.  No donation is too small.

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