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And this is where we are now ...

The weather caused some delays,

but the site has been excavated, and ready for the next step.

Phase II - The Foundation

The excavator takes its first bite at the site.

- April 13, 2018 - 

Wow... that looks like a big hole ...

and more still needs to be done.

Crush and run is poured onto the liner to hold it in place.

Topsoil is removed ... the digging begins!

Last minute instructions are given to make sure everyone is on the same page for the next step.

- April 30, 2018 -

Each layer of crush and run needs to be tamped down.

Spring No. 2 in our project ...

Watching Mother Nature coming alive.

We are two-thirds on our way to our goal.

The push is on to raise more money for the Monument;

solicitations continue so that we may reach the final one-third that we need.

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