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We want to share some GOOD NEWS! 

We have been told that the black granite has arrived in the United States and should now be in Ohio, where the engravings and etchings will be done.

In the meantime, the entrance columns have been finished

with the addition of caps at the top.

Flagpole foundations have been set.

And the lightpoles are up,

which will eventually illuminate the monument and the flags.

Phase VII - Light Poles, Flagpoles, Columns Caps


It looks kind of funny to look at the site and not see the piece of heavy equipment in the background.

(Note the flagpole foundations have been set.)

One of Santa's Elves worked on this project on Christmas Eve day to get the caps done for Christmas.  Thank you!

Definitely brought smiles to our faces.


The caps on the columns have been completed.

The lightpoles and the lights were installed by

Valentine Electric on January 4, 2019


Can't believe how this is all finally coming together.

Stay tuned for the next part ...

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