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Harry Ecton was a cousin that I never got a chance to meet.


He was killed in January '68 and I was born September '68.


All I was able to do was to pick up hearing a few stories of him growing up.  

He was an only child and did not have to go but his Dad (Bruce) fought in World War II so of course Harry was way too proud not to go.  


His Mom told me that they took him to the airport to see him off and she said that for some reason when she hugged him goodbye she just knew that she would never talk to him again.  
She told me about how their dog one night out of the blue just barked his head off for hours, which he never done before; the next afternoon is when they got that knock on their front door from military people telling them the bad news.  


Then they knew why that dog was barking the night before. Harry already came home.

For all of the years that his parents lived in that house in Boonsboro, they left Harry's bedroom just how he left it in '67.

- Scott Hammond … September 4, 2017 ... Herald Mail

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