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Dedication Week


The days before the Dedication Ceremony were stressful.

For seemingly weeks, there was little going on at the site, and then,

all of a sudden there was a flurry of activity.


We set the Dedication Date, hoping that we would have more than this almost empty site to dedicate to our Vietnam Veterans and their families.

DWK ... in the beginning
DWK ... Nick installs cameras

Monday, March 25, 2019 ...

our security system was installed.

Just two days before the Dedication was to take place,

we arrived on site

to find these two beautiful trucks - one was carrying our precious cargo, and the other one

would be responsible

for unloading the pieces

and placing them in their final resting places

DWK ... Tractor Trailer carrying preciou
DWK ... backing into place

The tractor trailer containing our monument turned around

at Park Circle,

came north up South Walnut Street, pulled UP West Baltimore Street,

then backed down,

across Walnut,

and into the open lot by our site. 

We saw photos of the finished work

but pictures can't compare

to the actual granite pieces.

We said a lot of prayers

for the monument to arrive safely

... more prayers are now being said for the pieces to be set

without incident.

DWK ... the Eagle is about to land

It was truly fascinating to see this transference from trailer to pad take place.

The back side of the right monument is displayed showing

the Eagle

is about to land.

The front of the left monument is almost at its final destination.

DWK ... left side
DWK ... center 2

Holding our breath,

we waited

until every piece lifted in the air was safely back

on the ground.

We had quite a few spectators who gathered to watch history in the making in  Washington County. 

The last piece to be taken from the trailer, the top arch, was actually the first piece to rest on the 

monument pad.

This arch was lifted high in the air,  higher than some thought

it needed to be.

The arch would rest on the concrete pad until all other pieces of the monument were in place, then would be lifted again for the final time before being placed on the supporting pedestals.

DWK ... heartstopping lift of arch
DWK ... Dan and Sam install steel for si

The final addition

to the monument site

is put in place

on Thursday - 

the day before the dedication!

We tried to keep this

a surprise ...

it was one of the


that we added to the site.

Finishing touches are made on the installation.

This entrance sign


the message

that we want to pass on

to all

Vietnam Veterans.

DWK ... Finishing touches on Welcome Hom
DWK ... two different eras ... same Vete

Two different 

era Veterans


but brothers

in spirit


and proud 

to have served

their country.

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