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We are so excited about our progress ...

Again, the weather caused some delays,

but footers were built and seated, and filled with concrete.

Phase III - Footers

Forms have been built for the monument pieces

and the benches to rest on, and were set at the site.

- May 2018 - 

Double checking that everything is ready ...

The first truck from TBH has arrived,

loaded with cement ...

 ... soon these holes

will no longer be empty!

~May 25, 2018 ~

The footers are being filled and processed.

The first yard of concrete is poured

into the footer for the left wing to rest on.

~ May 25, 2018 ~

The cement will need to cure in the footers.

Next step .. removing the frames from around the footers.

Stay tuned for our next phase!

Learn the latest progress report on this website.

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