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american flag vietnam monument.jpg

Though many believed our monument was finished we still have a lot of work to do.  

We are constantly thinking of ways to enhance our space -

to show gratitude

for those who served . . .

to make this site a starting place

for a generation

who were not yet born to learn . . .

where Veterans, families, and friends can come to remember, to reflect, and hopefully to find peace.

american flag vietnam monument.jpg

May 21, 2019

Plants were chosen, loaded, and delivered to the site.  Holes were dug, and the planting began.

Landscaping cloth was laid and mulch added the finishing touch.


 (Thanks to the Parks Department for providing the plants and mulch, and to Family Tree Nursery for giving us bags and bags of rich dirt to allow our plants to thrive.)


We cannot say enough about our volunteers.

This happened because you care, because you gave ... Thank you!

Danny Sirbaugh, Jeff Remsburg, Gail Patterson, Hanna Itnyre, Jim Kline, Dick Itnyre, Andy Forsythe, Marilyn and Dick Hembrock

Though not all of our volunteers showed up at the same time, there was plenty of work to be done

Hunter and Roberta Nave, Dick Itnyre, Jim Kline

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